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Chiasma Dunedin | 01 Interview​

"A student-led organisation is helping to prepare young scholars for life after study. It's encouraging scientific innovation by linking university students with businesses in the sector. And programme drivers say it could benefit the entire country."

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Speech | 02 The Importance of Science

"Take a potentially complex topic, bring it down to everyman's level, add correctly credited and well balanced research and you have the basic recipe for a winning presentation. However, that alone would never guarantee a win but then add Shivam's own carefully considered opinions, his subtle sense of humour, his natural humility and developing public communication skills and you do have a guaranteed winner. Congratulations Shivam on winning Kelston Deaf Education Centre's Research section of the Speech Competitions for 2013 and best wishes for your future endeavours."

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Speech | 03 Issues in Science Education
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